Red Haired Knight
Headstrong and prone to act immediately Elesis will do anything for her younger brother Elsword. Elesis swordsmanship was taught by her father a former Velder Kingdom Knight. She mastered her fathers teachings quickly while integrating her own skill set. Unsatisfied with this training in Ruben Elesis sought out to become a stronger swordswoman thus venturing out into the world of Elrios. Three years later Elesis returned to Ruben bearing the title Red Haired Knight and spent time observing Elswords training. However the reunion was shortlived as the two siblings were ambushed by a horde of demons led by Scar a Captain of the Demon Realm. A skirmish ensued resulting in the demon hordes defeat. Elesis with the help of her brother Elsword dispatched Scar. The intentions of the Demons become clear to Elesis spurring her to leave Ruben once again. With the intent to become a Velder Kingdom Knight Elesis will do all in her power to defend her brother and all of Elrios from the inevitable Demon invasion. Source: Elwiki