Sora Shiunin

紫し雲うん院いん 素そ良ら, Sora Perse
A mysterious boy interested in Yuyas Pendulum summoning and soon becomes his apprentice. Sora is shown to be a huge fan of Yuya to the extent of obsession. This is shown when he constantly follows Yuya around wanting to see Pendulum Summoning first hand. At first Yuya declines causing Sora to spy on Yuya and continuously bother him until he gives in. Sora has also been shown to use his cute appearance to win others over to his side and get his own way. However it does not seem to work on Yuya who only agrees to Duel with him if Sora stops following him around. Sora is also extremely childish and persists until he gets his way. Sora has a habit of misunderstanding situations often asking Did I get it wrong? in response to other peoples reactions. Sora also shows exceptional knowledge of Duel Monsters for his age including the different styles of Summoning and can strategize accordingly. However as such he does not take Dueling seriously unless there is a Duel or Duelist that excites him and ultimately this is what motivates Sora: his own entertainment. He is also shown to be obsessed with sweet food items or candies to the extent that he is rarely seen not eating them even to the extent that he eats during lessons.