ユーゴ, Hugo
Yuugo is a character in the YuGiOh ARCV anime. He rides a DWheel and is notorious among members of the Resistance as the socalled Pawn of Fusion. Yugo is shown to be very impulsive and short tempered especially when his name is pronounced incorrectly. Because of this Yugo frequently got into many fights against others including Yuto who incorrectly stated he was a pawn of Fusion. Once he set his mind on something he became quite unaware of his surroundings not noticing Yuya despite the latter talking throughout his Duel with Yuto though he was able to recall him later after stopping and thinking about the event. Despite his short temper and rudeness Yugo is a kind person at heart especially towards Rin his childhood friend whom he has feelings for. He himself is also aware of his short temper and apologizes immediately once he realizes it upsets someone.