The President

Daitōryō, President
The President born in 1964 and no one in the show knows how this man got elected. The President of Everything is a stout bald man who apparently runs the country Milk lives in referred to only as quotour nationquot a subtle reference to the Japanese habit of referring to their country as such instead of using the proper names quotNihonquot or quotNipponquot. He assigns missions to Milk but whether she takes them or not is her prerogative. The President proves to be inept and incapable at fulfilling his job at one point firing his countrys best missile on his own country at his own conclusion that his citizens would try to put him in the gullotine or the electric chair. He has short round arms and he pounds on his desk when talking on the phone. The President likes wine women and song but he usually enjoys cheap wine loose women and offkey karaoke. He also attracts flies.