マルシル, Marushiru
Marcille is an elven mage and member of Laios party. Marcille is an elf with long blonde hair and green eyes. In her normal dungeon attire she wears a long blue dress with white pants a blue cowl a red choker and sandals. She styles her hair differently every day. She is taller than Chilchuck and Senshi but shorter than Falin and Laios. Marcille is intelligent principled and loyal to her friends. Despite this she can also be very highstrung and has a difficult time dealing with things far outside her comfort zone such as eating monsters. She has a lot of confidence in her ability to cast magic due to her background and can feel lonely when shes unable to help the party with her specialty. She can also be kind of naive believing that friendships alone can keep a party together. Falin is Marcilles closest friend. She thinks very highly of Falin calling her incredible and an angel because of her spellcasting ability and kind nature. She enters the dungeon again despite the partys dire circumstances because of how much she cares about her. Source: Dungeon Meshi Wiki