血小板, Platelet

Platelet is a type of cell working under the Platelet Division. She and her coworkers are responsible for reconstructing injuries and forming blood clots in the human body. Due to the Platelet's actual cell size, they are depicted as children. Platelet is a small, adorable cell with waist-length caramel blonde hair and brown eyes. She wears the Platelet uniform and is always seen working with her fellow workers. Platelets play an important role in healing the body, they are powerless against threats, However they are small and numble thus able to move through bacterium under the protection of white blood cells to cover up wounds. Platelets also can aggregate together to close an open wound. They use a protein known as "Von Willebrand Factor" to help them, which functions similar to super-glue. Then, the "Coagulation Factors" in the blood will work to coat the blot with a net of Fibrin, causing it to solidify. She has a polite, bouncy peersonality that manifests a strong leadership to other Platelets. Her innocent and humble character made her loveable to other cells.