Shasuryu Shasha

Shasuryu Shasha is the leader of the lizardmens tribes and chieftain of the Green Claw Tribe. His younger brother is Zaryusu. He is a skilled warrior in addition to a proficient druid which allows him to complement his weapon attacks with magic. Unlike other lizardmen who have bone weapons his sword is forged of pure steel. Incredibly huge in stature he has dark green and charcoal black scales a trait which he shares with his younger brother. Numerous scars are present all over his body the most prominent of which is an old long white scar which stands out amongst his darkcolored scales. Shasuryu follows his ancestors traditions but he is also not blinded by them and is one of the more practical minded lizardmen as evidenced by the decision to support his brothers innovative idea which led to the creation of the fishery farms near the Green Tribe village.