Zenberu Gugu

Zenberu Gugu is a lizardman and the chieftain of one of the five lizardmen tribes the Dragon Tusk Tribe. He is a traveler a lizardman who has explored the outside world. In terms of brute force he is most likely the strongest of all the lizardmen. Zenberu is not a warrior by profession but rather a monk which fights utilizing Ki to enhance his natural physical abilities. He often prefers to fight unarmed using his claws to rip apart his enemies. In armed combat he wields a threemeterlong steel halberd a parting gift he received from an acquaintance of his a dwarf. With a very muscular constitution he is quite tall for a lizardman well exceeding two meters in height. His body covered by several scars gives the clear impression that he is veteran of battle. His most bizarre feature are his asymmetrical arms. Similar in trait with a fiddler crab his right arm is especially thicker and muscular when compared to his left. His left arms ring finger and pinky are completely gone. The crimson traveler brand burned in the form of a two headed snake is displayed on the center of his chest. Overall his appearance is very crocodilelike and when he talks his teeth clash together making it difficult for others to discern whether he is being casual or threatening. Zenberu is quite blunt when in a conversation having no need for pointless formalities. Intead of diplomacy he favors solving disputes with duels and has somewhat of a cockish attitude since he likes to challenge any strong individuals he meets. However while in battle he can be quite calm and composed as opposed to brash or reckless.