Daphnes Nohansen III

Daphnes Nohansen III King of Hyrule is the King of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker who was drowned along with all of Hyrule during the Great Flood but he survives. Daphnes controls a boat named the King of Red Lions using the Pirates Charm in the Great Sea to search out a hero. He guides Link through his adventure. At the Time of the Great Flood Daphnes Nohanesen Hyrule was king of all Hyrule. He became deeply distressed after the return of Ganondorf and murder of the sages of the Earth and Wind temples and he and his people appealed to the gods for the Link. The Hero did not appear and the land was flooded by the gods while people fled to the mountain tops. From this point onward the King waited for the hero along with Jabun and The Great Deku Tree.