Natsuo Fujii

藤井夏生, Nacchan
Date of birth: July 13 1997 Sign: Cancer Gender: Male Age: 16 at the beginning Height: 1.78 m 510 Weight: 60 kg Eye color: Olive green Hair color: Dark grey Occupation: College student / Writer Natsuo Fujii is the main male protagonist of Domestic na Kanojo He is introduced as a secondyear high school student who loves writing novels so he frequently heads to the rooftop during his lunch breaks to develop his passion. It is there that he meets the rookie English teacher named Hina Tachibana who becomes his first crush. Appearance: Natsuo is a young man with black hair and olive green eyes. His current appearance is far different from his junior high days thanks to following the suggestion of Fumiya Kurimoto Natsuos best friend who forced him to wear contact lenses instead of eye glasses and have his curly hair flattened daily. Personality: Natsuo is a kind and friendly teenager whos sensitivity and insight make him a chick magnet although he doesnt notice it straight forward because of his obliviousness. Hes a highly adaptive individual easily doing teamwork as well as becoming competitive when required. He has a very active imagination of course but because of that it is not unusual for him to have lecherous thoughts that assault him from time to time even though he truly tries to control them. He assumes every compromise as seriously as he can avoiding letting others down. This has led him to learn to bottle up his feelings when he considers they might be a burden to the people that trust him. He is responsible and hardworking but due to his sensitivity he cant help getting depressed usually needing the help of others to come back. As the series develops he gains maturity but still his lack of experience due to his youth puts him in some very awkward situations which he tries to deal with the best way he can.