Race: Beastman
Gender: Female

Fran is the main female protagonist of the Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita story. She is normally stoic and expressionless, Fran can be quick to anger when her race is insulted. She views most Blue Catkin with hostility due to their betrayal and selling of her people into slavery. Fran will express happiness or excitement at the prospects of fighting a strong opponent or eating curry. Anyone, that insults that which she takes pride in, will face her wrath. Fran does not completely understand metaphors and will take things literally. Fran is a petite young black cat girl with dark eyes and short black hair. She has black cat ears and a black cat tail. In her awakened state that she obtained after evolving, Fran gains golden colored eyes. Her tail has alternating black and ash grey stripes. As a result of gaining the rare Black Heavenly Tiger evolution, rather than the standard blue lightning that would be seen emanating off of a regular evolved Black Tiger like Rumina, Fran's lightning is black in color.

(Source: I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated Wiki)