Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra

Lakyus is an adamantite ranked adventurer and the leader of Blue Rose. She is part of the nobility friend of the ReEstize Royal Family and loyal to the people of ReEstize Kingdom. She acts as a faith based magic caster and warrior priestess of her adventurer group. She is described as a young women that has long blonde hair with green eyes and pink lips that showed a healthy gleam. Her beauty falls short of Renner but overflows with a different charm. Lakyus is a very bright person who enjoys adventuring with her friends. She sometimes acts weird like wearing apparently meaningless rings or fighting against her dark personality making her other team members worry about her actually becoming evil. When Lakyus was a young girl she decided to become an adventurer after hearing the adventure stories about Red Drop. She ran away from home to have an adventure while she was still inexperienced she was saved by Gagaran and the two became partners. Lakyus becomes one of the strongest adventurers of the kingdom at the age of 19 for her near Heroiclevel abilities. She is also one of the few users of revival magic. Source: Overlord Wiki