Senshi is a Dwarf warrior in Laios party. He has a very traditional and obstinate personality. Since he has spent ten years learning how to eat monsters in the dungeon he can be very set in his ways leading to clashes with other party members especially Marcille and occasionally Chilchuck. However since they showed interest in eating monsters he is very happy to share his skills with them. Senshi can be very careless. He has a savantlike interest in cooking monsters and little else. This leads him to neglect maintenance of his weapons and walk into traps despite being warned of them. He holds a strong belief in only taking what is needed and giving back to the dungeon what he takes from it and can get frustrated when others do not respect this. He despises all forms of magic believing its overuse can lead to ones downfall. He is initially quite stubborn about not using it at all but eventually accepts essential spells to traverse the dungeon. He becomes unnerved at the presence of resurrection magic as he says it is unnatural for people to come back from the dead. In other words he treats magic with a great deal of gravity and caution. Source: Dungeon Meshi Wiki