椎菜, Sekirei No. 107
Yukaris Sekirei who is searching for Kusano whom he has a very close siblinglike relationship with despite the fact that his power is the natural opposite of hers. His power while not officially named allows him to emit an energy wave that instantly disintegrate most forms of matter including metal wood fabric and even human flesh to a limited degree. He met Yukari after he was attacked and was saved by her with assistance from Homura. He shudders at the idea of almost being Mikogamis sekirei and thinks of Yukari as a bright shining light in his life. Like Kusano Shiina dislikes violence and has expressed extreme remorse for hurting Sekirei he has defeated. Due to the overwhelming power of his ability he is called the Death Sekirei and along with Yukari are ironically considered to be the most evil pair in Tokyo upon reaching the Northern part of the city. Shiina and Yukaris reputation and power have become so feared that they have attracted the attention of Izumi Higa who encountered them shortly after arriving at the North city attempting to find the last unwinged Sekirei as he Shiina and Yukari were hoping it would turn out to be Kusano who of course already has an Ashikabi in Minato but was later revealed to be Kagari/Homura. Higa later captured Yukari and uses her to force Shiina to work for him. His Norito is The corpse of my covenant rot the cross of my Ashikabi His name literally means Death. Source: Wikipedia