Pepper Taiyou


Pepper Taiyou is a character that appears around the second arc of Season 3, in Episode 108 and Episode 109 in a cameo appearance. Pepper is a wild girl born in the Sapanna, and is currently a 1st-grade​ elementary school student in Paprika Private Academy.

She is a Natural-type who uses the new brand, Sunny Zoo.

She is hyper, tomboyish, and childish, and likes running around and jumping through the trees. She seems to be constantly hungry, as when she is seen hunting the various mascots and animals in PriPara. She was raised by lions, and consequently, she perceives the various characters as various different animals, which seems to affect how seriously she takes them. Laala and Non she sees as rabbits, Dorothy is a chihuahua, Shion is an eagle, Mirei is a house cat, Leona is a male lion, Chiri is a peacock, and Gloria is a lioness. As Gloria and Leona are the only ones she sees as lions, they also seem to be the only ones that she shows some form of respect to.

(Source: PriPara Wikia)