Chiri Tsukikawa

Chiri Tsukikawa Tsukikawa Chiri is a character that appears in the start of Season 3 when Laala Manaka is put in charge of giving her a tour of PriPara and starting her Idol career. Originally Chiri was a Lovelytype who used Twinkle Ribbon. Later in the season she is revealed to have switched her type and brand and is now a Celebtype using Dear Crown. Chiri is a gentle and somewhat shy young girl. She is easily excited and shows an interest in Idols. As a Celeb Idol she is arrogant and demanding. Chiri gets embarrassed when she is in her normal form because of the way she acts in Pripara and its the reason why she didnt want to go to Pripara at first because her body doesnt agree with her. But as she continues to go to Pripara with Non and Pepper she has grown used to her personality and comes to accept it. Also she is very sensitive to uncleanness both outside Pripara and inside. Source: PriPara Wikia