Gloria Ookanda

大神田グロリア, Sugar
Gloria Ookanda is the headmistress of Paprika Private Academy and the first antagonist of the first half of the series. She forbade the elementary students from becoming idols at PriPara up until Episode 25 where she has a change of heart. Glorias idol type is celeb. She is very strict and previously held an unwavering adversity to the idea of friendship which was presumably due to how she felt abandoned by her former PriPara teammate Himeka Manaka. In the first episode she was seen to be taking away the PriTickets from the elementary school students by using her vacuum Rina and sniffing out every single one of them even the girl who left hers at home. However she is quite gullible. She also has a good sense of smell and is very persistent. She finally lifts the ban on PriPara in Episode 25 after realizing her reason for being against it was a mistake. Her catchphrase is dessu wa. Source: PriPara Wikia edited