Rin Ishinagi

Rin has purple hair and pink eyes. Her father is a workaholic who seldom comes home when her family still lived together. He tried to protect Rin from her mother who constantly beat her but failed. Childhood friend of Ians. He showed her the fairy world and his butterfly marks on his back. When Rins mother found them they were separated. Ians father fired Rins father who was his editor so Rins family had to move. Only recently Rin moved back and transferred to Ians school. Her parents got divorced in the meantime so Rins surname changed from /Haida to Ishinagi. Her mother still beats her a lot. She feels bitter about her parents and adults in general. She trusts and believes Ian just like she did when they were still children. With her powers Ian can show her the world of fairies. Because her real life holds so much sadness and violence she wants to go and search the entrance to the world of fairies. Source: Wikipedia