Akabara Strauss

ローズレッド ストラウス, Red Rose
Strauss is the fearsome Vampire King Akabara Akabara lit. Red Rose who cast aside his kingdom a thousand years ago and went to search for Adelheids seal and free her. While the dhampirs believe him to be searching for his loved one and Bridget believes him to want to take revenge on Adelheid for Stella Strauss actually needs Adelheids help with the last stage of his secret plan. Strauss is usually somber but is compassionate and does not kill without reason. Before becoming king Strauss was a general of the Kingdom of the Night. During that time he adopted and raised Bridget a dhampir girl. He was also in love with a human girl Stella whom he presented with a pendant made from lunar rock which he collected himself. Strauss has impressive magical powers far outmatching those of the dhampirs. Nevertheless he choses to limit his power and fight in close combat in order to avoid damage to the surroundings. He is usually seen fighting with a vibrating edge of magic although he can also summon a sword and is an expert swordsman. At range Strauss can cast vibrating magic arrows or destroy missiles with a single gesture of his hand. Although pure blooded vampires perish when exposed to sunlight Strauss has overcome this limitation long ago. source: wikipedia