Kanon Matsubara

松原花音, Kano-chan-senpai
Kanon is a secondyear student and was the first to be roped in by Kokoro to become a member of Hello Happy World. Kanon is very clumsy quick to burst into tears and has a bad sense of direction. Outside of the band she is good friends with Chisato whom she has known ever since middle school. She also works parttime at the fast food store together with Aya. Sensible and responsible Kanon is one of the members within Hello Happy World that manages to keep the band running smoothly although she is likely to space out and start thinking about jellyfish. She is fairly shy and easily flustered and can become a nervous wreck at the drop of a hat and start crying if she feels overwhelmed. Whenever she gets nervous or overwhelmed she tends to say fuee. However she is also shown to have moments where she is determined and takes matters into her own hands. Source: BanG Dream Wikia