Misaki Okusawa

奥沢美咲, Mii-kun, Michelle
Misaki is a member of Hello Happy World. Under the guise of the mascot character Michelle she is the DJ and composer of the band as Misaki she is the composer and Michelles agent. Misaki is a firstyear student at Hanasakigawa Girls High School. She began wearing the bear costume at her parttime job when she was roped into joining the band by her classmate Kokoro. Despite Misaki telling her bandmates multiple times that she and Michelle are the same person none of them aside from Kanon believe her. Outside of the band Misaki is friends with Rimi. Misaki is kind reserved and considerate however she is also known to reply sarcastically and sometimes struggle with the other girls in her band with the exception of Kanon whom she considers the only other reasonable member. Naturally she ends up becoming the straight man of the group scolding or commenting on the antics of the other members in immediate response. Despite her hardworking nature especially towards Hello Happy World she tends to debase her achievements and say how anyone else couldve done it instead of her. For example whenever people praise her for being able to understand Kokoros hums and make them into songs shell shrug it off with a its nothing special. Source: BanG Dream Wikia