Kouhito Doushi

鉱人道士, Dwarf Shaman
A dwarf and a member of the party with Lizard Priest and High Elf Archer. They team up with Goblin Slayer and Priestess in order to infiltrate some ruins invaded by goblins. As a silver adventurer he is an experienced spell caster. Wellbuilt and with good physique despite his short stature Dwarf Shamans long hair is completely white which he ties up in a ponytail and the beard he often strokes is elaborately braided. His earlobes have been elongated and are pierced by earrings. His priest garment is completely white which contrasts with his dark colored gloves and bracers and the piece of armor he wears on his lower torso. He is cheerful and happy most of the time and can be often seen arguing with High Elf Archer over the most trivial matters but they do so without malice.