Brain Unglaus

Brain is a warrior turned mercenary after he lost to Gazef Stronoff in a grand tournament to determine the strongest fighter in ReEstize Kingdom. He has brown eyes with blue hair and the appearance of a wild beast. He is equipped with a chainmail and wears a necklace and ring which are infused with protection magic. His whole body is lean and his muscles are tough as steel and tempered through experience. Originally a farmer he was gifted with what could only be described as a Godgiven talent in the mastery of the sword. He has always believed himself to be the strongest fighter inside the Kingdom having never lost a fight before he entered the grand tournament to decide the Kings guard captain. He easily fought his way to the final where he faced off against Gazef Stronoff. A grand and close battle ensued between the two but eventually he would taste his first defeat at the hand of Gazef. His fame was shattered and his confidence as an unbeatable warrior took a hit. He then decided to do everything he could to become stronger so he would truly become unbeatable. At the same time in order to make a living he started working as a mercenary for the Death Spreading Brigade. Source: Overlord Wikia