Spada Belforma


Age: 17 Gender: Male Height: 177 cm / 5'9.5" Weight: 71 kg / 157 lbs A young man who originates from an aristocratic family of nobility. For unknown reasons, he cut off ties with his family and siblings and never came back to his noble home. Spada is kind and warm-hearted and believes in righteous justice. Things get interesting as he meets Iria, whose own personality contrasts with his.

Spada's past life is the Holy Sword Durandal, which was the sword the God, Asras, used in battle. The sword was sentient and was able to talk. Durandal was forged as a gift to Asras, but its true purpose was for Asras's lover Inanna to betray Asras to prevent the merging of heaven and earth, and to stab him, resulting in his death. Furious at the betrayal, Asras broke Durandal in half and stabbed Inanna; the three died afterward, and became a statue in the Tower in the Sky.

(Source: Wikipedia)