Lizzie Bareare

Gender: Female Race: Human Affiliation: Sorcerer Kingdom ReEstize Kingdom Formerly Family: Nfirea Bareare Grandson Occupation: Herbalist Potion Maker Residence ERantel Formerly Carne Village Currently is a pharmacist who used to operate in ERantel and the grandmother of Nfirea Bareare. When Nfirea was kidnapped by Zurrernorn she made a deal with Ainz to rescue him in return for her services. Afterwards she moved to Carne Village. Though a seemingly old woman Lizzie Bareare is still quite sharp for her age. Highly knowledgeable about the makeup properties and lore of potions. She also has a demanding and fastidious personality. Her intense gaze gives other people the shivers. Renown throughout the city of ERantel Lizzie Bareare holds the title as the citys best pharmacist.