Nfirea Bareare

Gender: Male Race: Human Affiliation: Sorcerer Kingdom ReEstize Kingdom Formerly Family Lizzie Bareare Grandmother Enri Emmot Wife Nemu Emmot SisterInLaw Occupation: Herbalist Potion Maker Residence: ERantel Formerly Carne Village Currently Birthday: Middle Wind Month 18th Day Hobby: Alchemical Experiments. Nfirea is described as a nice calm and timid person. He works hard at making potions with his grandmother every day. He also has a minor inferiority complex due to comparing himself to Ainz. At a young age Nfirea Bareare was raised by his grandmother Lizzie Bareare after his parents died he only has murky impressions of them. His grandmother made him her apprentice and taught him everything she knew about herbs alchemy and potionmaking. He met Enri Emmot while delivering potions to Carne Village and developed feelings for her.