Enri Emmot

エンリ・エモット, New Matriarch , General Enri , Warlord Enri The Bloody
Age: 16 Gender: Female Race: Human Race Affiliation Sorcerer Kingdom ReEstize Kingdom Formerly is the Chieftain of Carne Village and the older sister of Nemu Emmot. Raised by a loving family Enri has grown up to be a kind person but has shown to have a strong character. As seen when she is willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of her little sisters life. She shows great leadership being the new village head and defending the town from monsters with the other villagers. Growing up in Carne Village and living there all her life Enri has always lived the life of a simple farmers daughter. Due to her healthy lifestyle Enri has grown to be physically fit to the point where she is considered as one of the strongest five in the village.