Wataru Date

伊達 航

Age: 28
Gender: Male
Occupation: Police Detective

was a former police officer from Tokyo Metropolitan Police District under the Criminal Investigation First Division. He was later assigned to be the mentor of Wataru Takagi, and together they became known as the "Wataru Brothers."He was dating an English teacher, Natalie Kuruma. Unfortunately, he got caught up in a car accident after one of his stake outs with Takagi and died one year ago.A year later after his death, it was discovered that Date was an acquaintance of Rei Furuya, whom he had met while attending a police academy. He also knew Jinpei Matsuda, Hagiwara and Hiromitsu Morofushi from the academy. Before his death he receive a package meant to be passed on to Hiromitsu's older brother Taka'aki, but it was left untouched in his locket for over a year.