Muga Iori

伊織 無我, Shinichi Wada
is the butler of Momiji Ookas family. Muga is a loyal butler of Momiji who vows to do his best to support her and her romantic endeavor with Heiji Hattori. He is confident that Heijis primary love interest Kazuha Toyama wont be an obstacle for Momiji. Momiji relies on Muga for second opinions. For instance she asks Mugas opinion on Heiji and even sent him to Tokyo so that Muga could see him with his own eyes Muga approves of Heiji as the choice for her future partner. Muga is also analytic and careful about planning for Momiji making him a trustworthy butler. During the first encounter with Heiji and Conan where he fell under suspicion of a murder at the Cafe Poirot Muga easily improvised believable answers for Conan Heiji and the polices questions. Muga is apparently also stealthy because Conan and Heiji could not feel his presence and even the police didnt notice when he later leaves the crime scene.