Alvin Lutz

A XAT member. Dedicated to the cause of the organization and loyal to his comrades. He was profound of staying true to who he was until the very end even when he realized he was infected. Considered dead he was reborn as an amalgam without remembering what has happened at the base and the fact their commander had betrayed everyone at XAT. He served under him as a sniper he was the best 1. His skill helped to minimize the damages to the amalgam in the air base from the air attack to demolish them all. But even being a demoniac he remembered his true self in an important battle between Wolf and Amanda amp Hermann saving their lives and helping them win over the evil and corrupted former commander of XAT. quotI will not forgive you even in deathquot he said for the 2nd time while blowing the amalgam Wolfs head off.he said it for the 1st time when the same commander killed him and his partner at the XATs base final battle. Afterward he stood for his principles and put and end to his life leaving only his sniper rifle for his friends to find when arriving at the scene.