Hasuki Komai

Romios right hand and childhood friend. Initially timid and withdrawn as a child she meets Romio when he praises her for her intellect after assisting him with his homework. Her interaction with Romio made her become more outgoing and passionate with others by the start of the series. She is grateful for Romios friendship and as a result falls in love with him. She is the only one on the Black Dogs side to know about Romio and Juliets relationship after Romio confesses the truth to her. While she initially disapproved Romio convinces her to keep his relationship with Juliet a secret. She currently ranks 2nd overall in terms of academics for the 1st year only behind Juliet. Because of her academic prowess she often runs intense tutoring sessions to prevent her fellow Black Dogs from failing especially Romio. She also has a younger brother named Kougi. Source: Wikipedia