Elias Brandt Dale Raeven

Elias is the leader of the Kings Faction and the most powerful noble amongst the six major nobles in ReEstize Kingdom. He is a tall thin man with slicked back blonde hair. He looks like a snake due to his palewhite skin and narrow blue eyes. Though his intelligent and careful nature makes him seem cold hearted Elias is a good father and a patriot in the Kingdom. As one of the six great nobles Elias possesses clothes of the highest quality. He wears a doublet made from high quality fur woven with golden threads. There are intricate patterns and small jewels sewn into his clothes. Elias originally aimed for the throne but the birth of his son made him forsake this goal. He now simply wants to give his son a better life. He commands the highest authority among the six major nobles. He is known to be an opportunist cooperating with both Patricians and Loyalists from time to time and constantly switching between the two factions like a snake in order to further his own goals. However Elias is in fact the leader of the Loyalists and his behavior as an opportunist is just a performance to prevent the Kingdom from splitting. His true colors are classified and even Gazef misunderstands him as a traitor. Web novel: Source: Overlord Wikia