Ghost Quartz

ゴースト・クォーツ, Ghost, ゴースト
Hardness: 7 One of the Gems. They work as a librarian and take part in patrol duty. They are also in charge of longterm recovery facilities located on the fourth floor. Their weapon of choice is a sickle. Lapis Lazuli was Ghosts former teammate and in charge of the library until they were taken by the Lunarians leaving only their head Ghost was placed in charge of the library afterwards. Quiet and calm Ghost is very insecure about themselves thinking that their fallen partner Lapis was much better than them. Ghost speaks of Lapis in high regards referring to them as smart and organized and maintaining the library as if they will return soon. Because of Ghosts double structure two personalities inhabit their body the other being Cairngorm whos very different from Ghost. Ghost describes Cairngorm as violent and brash but they both equally respected and followed Lapis. Source: Houseki no Kuni Wiki edited