A highly skilled Mugairy killer. Little is known about his past or reasons for being sentenced to death though it039s suggested that it might involve his sick son Tojiro who suddenly dies. Giichi is also one of the most skilled fighters in the series having killed a total of 59 Ittry swordsmen on his own. Of the Mugairy he is the only member who manages to garner enough kills to earn his freedom. He works closely with Kagimura Habaki and cares for the other Mugairy attempting to buy Hyakurin039s freedom as well unsuccessfully. He disappears when Habaki dissolves the Mugairy and is later found living in among the burakumin by Rin and Hyakurin where he provides Rin with information concerning Manji039s whereabouts. Now a broken man he deliberately distances himself from Hyakurin to keep her from suffering any more pain and is aware of her pregnancy when she tries to kill her baby he stops her and persuades her to carry the child to term and allow him to raise the baby after it is born. He uses a unique weapon which resembles an oversized bladed handcuff attached to a length of chain. The weapon Kanetsura039s MitonoKami Guardian of the Three Paths was adapted from a thresher or similar farming implement and allows him to sever or entangle limbs necks and weapons from a distance. It is hard to block as the handcuff like action will wrap it around what it hits but is broken by Manji in Volume 14: Last Blood. Giichi039s first appearance is in Dark Shadows part 1. Source: Wikipedia