Altina Orion

アルティナ・オライオン, Black Rabbit
Altina Orion is the name given to a Black Workshops homunculi series number Oz74. Altina like the other homunculi doesnt understand human feelings and as such she sometimes has trouble expressing her emotions. During the event of Trails of Cold Steel II Altina works for the Noble Alliance serving as the antagonist of the series. She is accompanied by a jetblack Combat Shell named Claiomh Solais which heeds to her every order through a mental link established with her homunculis DNA. She attends Thors Military Branch Campus in S.1206 as part of the first batch of student enrolled in the newly established campus. There she is assigned to Class VII: Special Operation with Rean Schwarzer as the instructor alongside two other students the Crossbellan Police Academys transfer student Juna Crawford and son of the renowned swordsmanship master Kurt Vander.