Mitsuru Suou

A seventeen year old tengu who can control wind and electricity. He has aqua colored hair a hostile personality and seems to be frightened by Mahiru. She is frightened by him at first and this bothers him although he tries not to show it. Later in the series it becomes apparent that he loves her and Mahiru returns his feelings. Mitsuru unlike the rest of the Moonlight Bandits had been raised by humans so he has no idea what his clans weaknesses are and is not used to his transformation. Until he learns to control his power Mitsuru transforms every time he touches Mahiru or vice versa. Along with this transformation comes an uncontrollable surge of anger. Hes 17 years old but his birth date and place are unknown. His major abilities are controlling wind and lightning as well as the power to fly. An importance to the beginning of the series is that he cant swim. His first name means quotfull moonquot while his last name means quotdark redquot. Source: Wikipedia