Sapphire is the crossdressing heroine of the great classic of Shojo Manga Manga for girls Princess Knight. Her character represents a fusion of all the influences of Tezuka Osamus childhood in Takarazuka only he could have created a character like Sapphire. She later blossomed into a mother in the sequel Twin Knight. After her appearances in this representative Manga series Sapphire was solely assigned feminine roles. Whats more whenever she made a guest appearance in the Black Jack series she habitually symbolized the sorrows of women. She portrayed a teacher who burned to death whilst protecting one of her students and although on one occasion she used her beauty as a weapon to make a rapid ascent into fashionable society she was tossed by the hands of fate falling onto hard times to become something like a vagrant. Tezuka Osamu though did not see her as a female swordsman with the heart of a man but was intent upon the woman at the heart of Sapphire. Source: tezukaosamu.net