Hak Lung

Hakuron Uon, Li Chien Wong
An infamous mobster and leader of the Dragon King Organization stationed in Hong Kong Hak Lung appeared in Japan where he was hurt and later helped by the schoolgirl Kurumi Akino returning home from her part time job threatening to rape her if she did not help him. Despite his mature appearance and personality he is actually only eighteen years old and attends a school in Hong Kong created by him and his organization. He is a notorious playboy having slept with countless women and is rumored to dispose of his mistresses when he has rendered them useless for his own personal or political gain. Due to his tragic childhood involving royal lineage disputes and the death of his mother he was raised by a strict man who influenced him to take part in the mafia. It was from this man that he received his new name Hak Lung meaning black dragon in Cantonese. After Hak Lung was saved by Kurumi Akino he ordered his men to capture her and bring her to Hong Kong for he had truly fallen in love with her. He began to change afterwards and although retaining his strict brutal and cold mafia persona while on the job he acted gentle and kind towards Kurumi going so far as to call her his airen meaning lover on a closer more intimate scale. He made an appearance in one of Mayu Shinjous other works Love Celeb. He was hired by Gins father to kidnap and treat Kirara in Hong Kong.