Hildegard von Mariendorf

ヒルデガルド・フォン・マリーンドルフ, Hilda
Birthdate: 468 R.C. 777 U.C. Hildegard von Mariendorf is one of the principal characters in the series. She served as the New Galactic Fleets Chief Advisor Hildegard usually referred to by the nickname Hilda was born in Galactic year 777 into an distinguished noble family of the Goldenbaum dynasty the sole daughter of the benevolent and just Count Franz von Mariendorf. From an early age she was distinguished from the other girls of the aristocrat society by her independent ideas. Completely unconcerned Hilda pursued her own interests in reading politics and history. Her mother having died when Hilda was young her openminded father respected Hildas unique ideas and choices in life. In U.C. 797 the old galactic empire spilt into civil war where the old nobility stood against the new emerging camp of military elites lead by Reinhard von Lohengramm. Hilda convinced her father to plea allegiance to the latter whereupon she met Reinhard for the first time and impressed him with the clarity of her insight. When the Lohengramm camp emerged victorious from the civil war Reinhard gained complete political and military power in the empire and Hilda became Reinhards chief secretary and assisted him in the progressive reforms that swept across the empire. From U.C. 798 to U.C. 800 Hilda played an active role on the galactic stage advising Reinhard wisely on imperial policies and tactics and became one of his most valued and trusted staff. During Operation Ragnark where the empire battled the Alliance Hilda served as a staff officer and became the first female to board the Flagship Brnhild.