Inosuke Hashibira

嘴平伊之助, Svinosuke, Inoko, The Boar
Birthday:Apr 22
Height: 164 cm 54 Combat Style: Beast Breathing Inosuke is usually seen wearing a grey boar mask with a shirtless version of the Demon hunter uniform. Without the mask he has messy shoulder length black hair and large green eyes with long eyelashes. He is described as having a girly looking face which greatly contrasts with his muscular body. Inosuke is extremely shorttempered and proud and makes a big deal out of fighting opponents stronger than him claiming thats his only hobby. He is a sore loser and is always trying to compete with Tanjiro and provoke him into fighting him and usually failing. Due to growing up in the mountains by himself Inosuke has trouble interacting with others and only cares about himself most of the time. Though hes often seen with 2 swords in hand Inosuke is lefthanded.