Gerald Stuart

ジオルド・スティアート, Jerald Stuart, Prince Geordo
Birthday:Aug 20
Magic Type: Fire Gerald is the third prince of the country and the capture target that is Katarinas fiance. Even though he looks like an orthodox blondehaired blueeyed prince Katarina thought otherwise that on the inside hes actually an evil sadistic prince. However even though Gerald in the game was supposed to be not interested in Katarina at all and almost never visited her before she noticed he would come over to her house once every three days. And he even helps Katarina harvest the fruits and vegetables from the field and would always bring her sweets as presents and were completely friends now. They have a lot of contact. Game Description: Gerald though have a prince out of a fairy tale look but his personality was twisted and schemer. He is a genius who can do anything. He has no particular interests and is bored with his everyday life. Source: Destruction Flag Otome Wikia