Keith Claes

Birthday:Dec 28
Magic Type: Earth Keith is the capture target that was adopted into the Claes family seven years ago for his powerful magic. Hes a handsome boy with flaxen hair and blue eyes and since he was neglected by his stepmother and stepsister had a lonely upbringing and became a playboy type character because of it. And when he entered school his loneliness was supposed to be healed by the heroine and he would fall in love but to prevent that from happening Katarina has been pulling him out of his room every day. During this time without Katarina having to pull him out anymore it turned out that they were always together. Game Description: The 3rd capturable character in the game Fortune Lover and the stepbrother of Katarina Claes. He was adopted from a branch family because of his huge magical powers. he is treated coldly by his stepsister and stepmother. As a reaction to this lack of affection he grew up to be a playboy. Source: Destruction Flag Otome Wikia