Hina Araki

荒木比奈, Araki-sensei
A somewhat unkempt and indoorsy otaku type who likes to draw manga Hina is initially very doubtful that she can become a cute idol. She seems to be the kind of person who hates deadlines often frantically adjusting her manga schedule at the last second. In the tiein Cinderella Girls Theater skits Hina is first seen preparing for a live event. She planned on taking off her glasses and putting on contacts a symbol of leaving her otaku self behind but is forced into wearing another set Haruna Kamijo made specifically for the event. She is a kind person as she can be seen with other idols leaving present for Yukimi Sajo on Christmas Eve. Due to their laidback natures she gets along with Anzu Futaba. Hina seems to enjoy swimming and playing in the water. via Project iMS