Feifei Yao

楊菲菲, Yao Fueifuei
Age: 15 Height: 152 cm Weight: 41 kg Birthday: September 29th Blood type: O Three sizes: 825884 Handedness: Right Hobbies: Cooking Fueifuei is an immigrant from Hong Kong and is the daughter of a family that owns a Chinese restaurant. She embodies Japanese stereotypes of Chinese people as she knows Kung Fu she incorporates Wuxia into her costumes and she wears a Qipao. Fueifuei speaks with a strong accent in the original Japanese release of the game. In the tie in Cinderella Girls Theater skits Fueifueis love for cooking is often brought up. She makes lunch and other snacks for the other idols when at the office and says that cooking is about passion and heart. When the Producer invites her to lunch at a fancy restaurant she takes particular care of her appearance. Fueifuei tried to perform a tea ceremony while at work and did a rather bad job at it but despite this she believes it was an excellent first attempt. While scattering beans at an event she was attacked and engulfed by a swarm of hungry pigeons. She enjoys school uniforms and is eager to try on her fellow idols. Source: projectimas.com Wiki