Shin Sato

佐藤心, Sugar Heart
Birthday:Jul 22
Blood Type:AB
Height: 166 cm Hometown: Nagano Prefecture Japan Shin is a quirky girl with a cute personality who likes making her own idol costumes. Her surname means sugar while her given name is written with the character for heart and she loves to point out her cuteness and sweetness. She also enjoys being called Sweetie. She uses sugar and hearts as a stage gimmick and goes as far as throwing hearts at members of her audience in two of her cards. Shin is 26 years old but she claims to looks like a teenager. She attempts to explain this because she wants her cute idol outfits make her look younger. However others will disagree with her and say she looks her own age. While her outfits are indeed cute and always are largely pink if you look closer you can notice some details are actually held together with tape due to financial constraints she implied herself. All her quirky and cheery attitude was a facade she thought up herself due to her dream to become an idol seemed lost as her age kept growing. She implied at one occasion that should she erase her sweetie personality all that would be left is bitterness possibly referring to her real outlook on the world and her life as a whole. She was prepared to do whatever it takes even if she had to cajole an executive within the industry with a sweetie attack or to live a lie if it could bring her closer to becoming an idol. Her desperation to achieve her dream made her always overdo things in her jobs which caused her to be fired a number of times as well as constantly asking for reassurance of her cuteness from the Producer. This established her as one of the few idols with one of the sadder backstories. In the tiein Cinderella Girls Theater skits Shin is introduced by Kiyora Yanagi. She likes Kirari Moroboshi saying that her advice makes her feel sentimental as she gets older. When she goes to an arcade with the Producer she gets him to play a coop mode of the game. She thinks the two of them standing together and working together to the same goal is sweet. When he leaves to take a phone call she is forced to play the game by herself and does surprisingly well for her age. She views fellow idol Nana Abe as her senpai. It is currently unknown whether she sees Nana as a senpai in regards of living a madeup life as an exunderground idol or as a literal senpai of an alma mater the latter further incriminating Nanas credibility as an eternal 17 years old alien. It could simply mean Nana is an idol for longer than Shin however. She also sometimes reverses the syllables of senpai and calls Nana paisen instead.