The first Gilgamesh member to transform into his God Beast form and the second to fall, Sex (Six) gives his life in order to destroy the Tower, creating chaos and killing hundreds of people in the town. Sex has hazel eyes and short, light brown hair that seems to stick out in every direction simultaneously. Sex is often the opponent of Fuko, from their first clash trying to sway Tatsuya and Kiyoko to the time they fight in an alleyway. Sex gets Fuko at a disadvantage, using his body to restrain her he tells her: "The closer I get, the better you look," to which Fuko responds "Then you're too close" and kicks him away. Sex is one of the first three members of Gilgamesh seen, when he is introduced along with Novem and Octo to try to tempt Kiyoko and Tatsuya to Gilgamesh's side. (Source: Wikipedia)