Tomoe Murakami

Tomoe is a slightly rebellious girl with interests and hobbies more fitting someone born in 1950s Japan. Tomoe dresses like a Yakuza member. She has an entourage of suited bodyguards with her in her New Years S Rare. She is a shogi player and has a clearly old fashion style music style and idol costumes. Enka was Japans most popular style of music in the 1950s and Tomoes idol costumes emulate the common dress for this genre. In the tie in Cinderella Girls Theater skits Tomoe is an idol who specializes in the enka genre. She has several servants wearing black suits who refer to her as Mistress. She is a hard worker and somewhat of a homebody. Her father was strict with her and made her do several chores while stating When a man is out working its a woman who protects the household. She used to be confused by this saying as she thought women should be allowed to go out too but realizes that the Producer fits the male role in her work. She believes herself to be tougher than and stronger than she really is. Tomoe seems to enjoy punishment for men. In fact one of her philosophies in life is that if a man is good for nothing he deserves harsh discipline and a bare butt spanking from his superior wife. She also doesnt like frilly clothing and is upset when she learns Atsumi Munakata is ogling her and when the Producer wants to put her in skimpy animal clothes. She meets Mizuki Kawashima on the beach and is stunned by the idollike aura she gives off. She also sings enka at a New Years concert while wearing traditional garb. Source: Project iMS