Mirei Hayasaka

Mirei is a girl with a tough lonewolf personality and a rough way of talking. She also seems to have some tsundere traits and hides a love of cute things. Mirei is a former rival idol and she often wears monster claw costumes when on stage. She is also famed for her love of hardcore punk and having an eye patch. Her attire is normally covered with fake blood splatters buckles chains leather straps and metal studs. Her catchphrase is Ill claw you Interestingly her sense of style has paired her up with Syoko Hoshi and Nono Morikubo which eventually form an idol unit called Individuals. In the tiein Cinderella Girls Theater skits Mirei is introduced as a bit shy and very reserved. She enjoys looking at her fashions usually mentioning her claws and nails and it seems to be very recognizable due to her eye patch. She seems to be dragged into Yuki Himekawas antics quite often. When acting as a maid she is very disgruntled and actually seems to get angry at the Producer. In a Camping Scene she is actually afraid of Bears and ends up clinging to the Producer much to Sanas surprise. Source: Project iMS