Yukari Mizumoto


Yukari is a prodigy flute soloist from the Amori region of Japan. She is refined and calm, although she's a little concerned about becoming an idol. She has played the flute in a classical style since childhood, and doesn’t use her flutist trait as an overt stage gimmick. Besides her hobby in flutes, she also has some interest in theater.

In the tie in Cinderella Girls Theater skits, Yukari is a gentle and reserved girl who seems to be somewhat of an airhead. She falls asleep in the Cinderella Girls office thinking that it was her room. When Yuka Nakano and Noriko Shiina woke her up and told her she was sleeping in the office, she didn’t believe them and thought that they were currently within a dream. When she was preparing for a live, she took into consideration the advice of several idols. She said that having a good smile, a good challenge, making a good dinner, and believing in herself would get her successfully through the event. She also showed up in Nagisa Aino’s dream as “Feiheiren Yukari” who cursed her to an eternity without shooting 3 pointers.

(Source: Project iM@S)