Ayame Hamaguchi

Ayame is an idol who is simultaneously training to be a ninja. She embodies many of the tropes of being a ninja from her outfits which always are ninja based her running style her ninja weaponry stage props to her hairstyle which is a ponytail that is used to keep her hair out of the way and scarf. Ayame knows karate and most of her cards in the mobile game have a heavy Attack stats focus and all of her cards boost Attack stats. Originally intending to become the lead actress of a drama to achieve her grandfathers dream Ayame mistakenly auditioned to become an idol at 346 Production after turning up at the wrong location. Despite this she decides not to back out of the audition and says that she wont let her grandfather down after coming all this way from her hometown. As such she incorporates the ninja skills she learnt as a child into her idol activities as well as does her best to become an idol worthy of her name refusing to return home emptyhanded. In the tie in Cinderella Girls Theater skits Ayames ninja skills are promoted the most. She currently claims to be a disciple of the Igaryuu school of ninjutsu one of the most wellknown ninja schools. In an interview with Miyako Anzai she reveals that her interest in ninjas stemmed from her grandfather. The two of them watched historical dramas together which made her being to train in both ninjitsu and calligraphy. When she goes fishing with Hitomi Niwa Ayame finds that she wants to become more disciplined and is eager to catch fish without rippling the water of the river. She also has a bamboo pipe that she uses for water concealment the ability of hiding underwater and fire concealment blowing onto hot coals to start a barbecue fire. She is indirectly responsible for Sachiko Koshimizu taking skydiving lessons and destroyed Reina Kosekis bazooka. She also attempted to teach Satomi Sakakibara how to be a kunoichi but failed due to her large breasts. Ayame participated in a Talk Battle with Yuka Nakano Kurumi Ohnuma and Kanade Hayami. She has successfully walked in the rain with the Producer while sharing an umbrella. She seems to be friends with Tamami Wakayama due to their love of romanticized Japanese arts. She has the verbal tick of saying nin a lot and slips from very formal antiquated speech to normal speech frequently. Source: Project iMS